Of course we want to have a nice evening together. Just some some simple rules and answered questions that might come up:


Have fun.

That’s what we are all here for.

Taking your own drinks/alcohol with you is prohibited.

Please don’t bring your own drinks with you. Slushdrinks are included in the ticketprice, alcohol will be served for a low price.

No partys at the parking lot.

There is an outside area behind the hall (e.g for smoking). Please reduce the noise level on the parking lot so we won’t get noise complaints.

Please keep the outside doors closed.

Close the doors behind you when entering/leaving the dancehall to reduce the outside noise level.

No illegal drugs.

If we notice you handling/consuming illegal drugs, this will end in a ban from the event.

Please be aware that we and others will be taking photos and videos during the event.


I’m not 18 yet, can i still attend?

No. You have to be at least 18 years old at the date of the event to take part.

How much is a ticket?

The ticketprice starts at 35€, there are sponsor- and supersponsor options for additional 10€ and 25€ available. This helps the event and you’ll get some sponsor gifts. After regging online you’ll get your digital ticket, which can be exchanged at the reg on site for your badge including lanyard.

Is there a dresscode?

Be yourself.

Until midnight: Fursuiters with harnesses are alright.

After midnight: Be fluffy, be shiny, be what you want to be, have fun. Gear or no gear. Just use common sense and keep zips closed 🙂

In doubt: Just ask us.

How much are the drinks at the bar?

The prices will be announced on site. Softdrinks are included in the ticketprice, beer and cocktails will be handed out for a low amount.

Which drinks are available at the bar?

There will be softdrinks, beer on tap, cocktails and slushies.

I’m travelling via an EV, do you offer charging options?

Of course! Please read the conditions here.

I’m still having questions…

Sure. Just write us an E-Mail: info@two-dance.de.